Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Archangel Invocation

Invoking the Angels of the 4 Directions
Angels are multidimensional beings and are not limited by time and space. A thought or a word will bring them to your side. The angels cannot interfere with our lives, we need to give then permission and ask for what we need. They are always there to assist us and offer guidance. We often fail to call upon them and so many are out of work these days. Lets call them back to work and give these loving beings job security.
I have worked with my angel guides for many years and am constantly amazed in the ways they bring synchronicity, guidance and joy into my life. I greet them with the wonder, imagination and innocence of a child and they reveal themselves to me in wondrous ways.
This is a lovely ritual, which will help you learn first hand about the energies of the archangels. When you do this ritual you may want to face east. Close your eyes and take some slow deep breaths. Visualize yourself surrounded by a pure white light.
Michael: When you are ready, invoke Michael, the archangel of the south. Imagine him standing by your right-hand side. You can also say the following words out loud: “I now invoke the mighty Archangel Michael to stand at my right-hand side. Please grant me strength, courage, and integrity. Please use your sword to cut away any fears. Surround me with your love, so that I may always work for the highest good of all. Thank you.” Become aware of Michael standing beside you, and be alert to how you feel and for any insights or words that he may offer.
Uriel: When you feel ready, invoke Uriel to stand at your left-hand side. Use the following, or simply intend the presence: 

“I now invoke the Archangel Uriel to stand on my left-hand side. Please help me to release all my pain and insecurities. Grant me tranquility and peace of mind. Help me to be of service others. Thank you.” 

Pause and see if Uriel has a message for you. Be aware of his presence, and remain alert for any wisdom or advice that he might offer.
Raphael: When you feel ready, invoke Raphael to stand in front of you. 
Either intend his presence or say these words: “I now invoke Archangel Raphael to stand in front of me. Please fill me with wholeness and good health. Please heal and restore every aspect of my being, pas, present and future. Thank you." Pause, notice how you feel and wait to see if Raphael has a message for you.
Gabriel: When you feel ready, ask Gabriel to stand behind you. You may also say these words: “I now invoke Archangel Gabriel to stand behind me. Help me to always walk in the light. Purify my body, mind, and spirit. Thank you.” Again pause to see if Gabriel has a message for you.
Once you have done this, experience the different energies of the four archangels around you. It makes no difference how you perceive the archangels. 
This is your personal experience, so trust however it happens for you.
Be with the archangels and take as long as you wish to experience feelings of peace and to enjoy the presence of these divine beings.
You can ask the archangels for help, guidance, and protection for you, your family and friends, your community, country, and the entire world. There is no limitation to what they will do for us. “Ask and it is given.”
When you are ready close the ritual by giving thanks to the angels and except everything you have asked for as already given.
Blessed Be!
Love Barbara

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Soul Portraits by Barbara McKell

"While we are all ONE, our individuated self has a unique purpose and soul contract to fulfill. "
Visionary Artist and Intuitive Healer Barbara McKell, will channel an intutitive reading pretaining to your soul purpose and create an original 16" X20" visionary portrait of your divine blueprint.

Barbara's Soul Portraits are posted on her Visionary Art website at: http://www.barbaramckell.com

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I took the VOW and you can too at http://itakethevow.com/home

On November 7, 2008, at 9:45 am, the 500 people attending the Alliance for a New Humanity Human Forum in Barcelona took a vow for non violence in their thoughts, speech and actions. Each person decided to ask other people in their lives to join them in taking the vow. The goal then became to create a global movement, which would mobilize 100 million people to make the same commitment. We, at the Alliance for a New Humanity believe that if a critical mass of people commit to this vow, the world would be transformed. If you are seriously committed to peace, join us in this global movement and take the vow.
Deepak ChopraPresident and Founder of the Alliance For A New Humanity

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fostering Compassion with Children through Reiki

The issue of bullying has become a serious concern for children these days. We need to make sure our own children do not grow up to be bullies. We also need to be sure they have the tools and support they need if they become the victim of bullies.Your child may be embarrassed or feel weak by admitting he or she is the victim of a bully. Signs to look for include the sudden appearance of bruises, missing belongings, or creating excuses or illness to avoid going to school.
Bullying can take many forms and often verbal harassment or threatening is often overlooked. When I was a child we used to say, “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” I would say this with great bravado, but inside I was hurt or perhaps humiliated by the unkind words or actions of another child. Inside hurts can be just painful as cuts and bruises. Anyone who bullies, threatens or hurts another child needs to be approached with love and a strong message that their behaviour is not appropriate. As well making sure that our own children and grandchildren do not grow up to be bullies, we need instil upon them that it is not okay to stand by and do nothing while another child is being bullied or harassed.
You can help you child by making sure that your school is supportive to your children and provides a responsible adult to report incidents to as well as a safe place to go to within the school if they need help. They should be encouraged to stand up for any child who is being bullied and given methods to assist without having to resort to violence.
One of my favourite stories of courage is about a grade nine student in a rural school in Nova Scotia, Canada, who was harassed and made fun of on the first day of school because he wore a pink shirt. He was called homosexual and six older boys threatened to beat him up simply because he wore a pink shirt. That night another boy in the same school got on the internet and asked all the kids at school to wear a pink shirt to school the next day. Then he went out and purchased 75 pink tank tops for the boys as well as pink material for armbands and headbands. He passed them out in the lobby before school and it was estimated that over half the school wore pink that day including the boy who was originally threatened.
This story is a strong indication of how children can stand up for each other without perpetrating further violence. The children who come to my Reiki Kids classes often feel isolated and different because they are sensitive and experience the world in a different way. They may be often clairvoyant or clairsentient. They love the Reiki Kids classes because they attract other children who possess similar qualities and it helps to let them know that there are other children like them. A bully uses this sensitivity to try to disempowered these lovely children.
When I am working with children I like to teach them ways of using Reiki to deal with bullying and harassment. They need to know it is okay to be different and individual so they do not shut down their ability. If they feel threatened they can visualize themselves surrounded in Reiki light. Rather than retreating or retaliating they can offer a blessing or compliment to the offender.Children who bully often do so because they feel powerless or have been the victim of bullying themselves or witness it within their own homes. Have the child understand that someone who is mean and intimidating often does it out of their own insecurity. Sending Reiki or being nice to a bully is an unexpected way of dealing with them.
I encourage children to offer Reiki to anyone who is frightened or has been hurt. Because of bullying it is unfortunate that many schools have to implement a “Hands off” policy where any type of touch is not tolerated. Beaming Reiki or sending it with the eyes as in the Japanese Reiki method of Gyoshi-ho is a perfect solution to any hands off policy which might be in place.In this technique you simply soften the eyes, meditate on the Reiki energy and softly gaze at the place you want to send Reiki to. Allow yourself to be relaxed and slightly defocused as you allow Reiki to flow. A few minutes of sending Reiki this way can bring a large amount of comfort to the person who is receiving it. The other benefit is that the sender also feels better. When we are able to assist with Reiki we do not feel helpless. It is a very empowering feeling to be able to do something, which is helpful and non invasive.
In the past, Reiki Teachers have given their students stern warnings about sending Reiki without permission. First of all I feel it is important not to touch another person without asking for permission, but when we send Reiki and are not touching it is like sending that person a special prayer. I do not call someone to ask permission when I say a prayer for them and I feel sending Reiki is very similar to sending a prayer. Every individual has free will and will receive only what they choose to. It is the same with Reiki. If a person wants it, they will receive it. If they are not receiving it, I usually just get bored and stop doing it. You cannot impose upon or harm another person with an energy which causes no harm.
Bullies often feel powerless or have been the victim of bullying themselves or witness it within their own homes. Have the child understand that someone who is mean and intimidating often does it out of their own insecurity and fear. While they may have developed many ways to intimidate another person, it is usually because they feel unloved and lack self esteem. Being nice to a bully is an unexpected way of dealing with them and there is a good chance they will respond to people in a kinder way if they are treated with compassion. Situations where a child is bullied and feels powerless would be to encourage the child to send Reiki to the bully. They may be reluctant and question why they should send Reiki to someone who is being cruel to them, but if they can be convinced to do it they will be pleasantly surprised at how it will shift the energy between them and the perpetrator. A creative way to use Reiki would be to have the child create a drawing of the bully and themselves in a more positive relationship and have them bean Reiki to the picture they have drawn.Teach your child tolerance, equality and friendship among all people regardless of any differences they have. If children understand the value of individuality they will not be controlled or intimidated by anyone trying to control them by making fun of them for being different or doing things in their own way. Give your child lots of praise and encouragement when he or she finds peaceful solutions to confrontational situations.
My son was hit in the face and had his nose broken by a bully when he was in high school. I was called to the school. I picked him up and took him to hospital where we were met by a police officer. The officer talked to my son, he let him know he had every right to have the perpetrator charged and encouraged him to do so.
Later when I attended the court hearing for this boy, it came out that he already had quite a few other incidents of violence on his record. The policeman, who had met us at the hospital, later told us that legally he could not tell us about the previous record but that he was glad we went ahead with the charges because this boy had been harassing and assaulting many others for a long time. He had been protected from many of these charges under the young offenders act, but now he was old enough to be criminally charged. I remember sitting in the court room looking over at his mother. She looked so sad, disappointed and afraid for her son. I felt such compassion for her, as one mother to another. She could not even bring herself to look at me. Later that night, when my husband asked me what this kids parents looked like, I told him, “His mother looked like any other mother who was embarrassed and saddened by her son’s violent behaviour.”
My sons friends wanted to go beat-up this kid in retaliation for what he did to my son, but he convinced them it was not a good idea since it would not solve the problem. My son and I talked about how sad and lonely the boy who hit him must be and we speculated that perhaps he did this because he had experienced violence or neglect while he was growing up. Then with compassion in our hearts we sent him and his family Reiki.

Bullying is a serious matter. In a 2001 study by the Kaiser Foundation in conjunction with Nickelodeon TV network and Children Now, 86% of children ages 12–15 interviewed said they get teased or bullied at school––making bullying more prevalent than smoking, alcohol, drugs, or sex among the same age group. An article in the Ottawa Citizen on August 28, 2008, Wendy Craig, Scientific co-director,Promoting Relationships Eliminating Violence Network, states that, “Children and youth affected by bullying demonstrate poor attitudes, absenteeism, low grades, and high levels of drug and alcohol use. Those who bully are at risk for later criminality. Bullying should be recognized as a significant public health problem that undermines the healthy development of children and youth. Adults are responsible for the development, safety and well being of our children. This vital role requires courage, perseverance, and includes preventing bullying, and promoting healthy relationships among children and youth.”Reiki offers many wonderful ways to empower children and their families, so that this can be solved with non-violence and constructive alternatives.
If you are a Reiki Master you might want to consider attuning your children and grandchildren to Reiki and when they are ready, teaching them how to use the Distance symbol and the Mental Emotional symbol to create a positive new behaviour. The Mental emotional symbol balances the right and left brain replacing feelings of, anger, fear and depression with peace and harmony.Children are born loving and innocent. We must look at the ways that we can nurture and foster compassion with this love and light we call “Reiki”.

Barbara McKell, RT CRA, KRM.
Barbara Mckell is an Intuitive Healer and teaching Reiki Master in Guelph Ontario Canada. She is the founder and President of Soul Connection Inc. and the creator of the Reiki Kids program.Barbara can be contacted by email at barbara@soulconnection.ca
For more information and assistance with bullying:Websites: http://www.bullying.orghttp://loveourchildrenusa.org/bullying.php
Books: I Can Show I Care, Compassionate Touch for Children by Susan CottaBullyproof Your Child for Life by Joel Haber The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander, From Preschool to High School--How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence by Barbara Coloroso

October 2008

Meditation for Joyful Living Classes
"If there is to be Peace in the world there must be Peace within your own heart."
Barbara will be a gentle guide helping you to develop the discipline of your practice in an open hearted joyful way and touch the deepest part of your soul. Barbara McKell teaches simple and powerful meditation methods that anyone can learn to improve all aspects of their life and manage stress. She has been trained in Deepak Chopra's Primordial Sound Meditation, Sehaj Meditation, Biofeedback, Imagery, Dr. Norman Shealy's Biogenics and various Buddhist meditation practices.
Meditation should be effortless, simple and very powerful. It is extremely healing to the body and the mind. It enables a person to experience life more fully.
Meditation offers: Heart based devotion and spiritual awareness Increase peace, joy, calm and happiness.
Cost $25 each session or $100 for 5 prepaid sessions To register for the Monday sessions call Barbara at 519-823-2162 or email :barbara@soulconnection.ca

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Summer Solstice 2008

Here is some information which came into my email about the power of this 2008 summer solstice. I could feel the great significance to it and this clarifies those feelings. Joining with all of you harmonically…What a party!

Sounding a single tone of Love,




*SOLSTICE AND THE GAIA GATEWAY*Time Code Shift ~ One Harmonic Overtone Created*Children of the Sun Foundation received the following information whichis in synchronistic resonance to the unified planetary focus for theupcoming Full Moon and Solstice Grid Transmissions. We forward this messagefor your own feeling and discernment.*A beloved sister, Judith Moore, of Crop Circles Revealed, receivedinformation regarding a time shift occurring on June 21. She was told by 13grandmothers that a note would go out creating a sound harmonic that wouldgreatly assist the Earth's shift into the new dimension.There is also a time shift referred to in the Galactic Mayan Calender whichis to also occur during Summer Solstice, 2008. It is a shift in which anew harmonic overtone for the Earth is created to assist in the massawakening of humanity.One overtone aligns all the galactic suns and solar encodements into oneharmonic of Source energy. This overtone will be created simultaneouslywith the release of specific solar programming from the Great Central Sun.The opening of this solar encodement creates a new language pattern whichwill trigger a spontaneous quantum leap in consciousness.This one overtone will also be attuned through the consciousness of thehuman light bodies that have reached an ability to authentically embodyharmonic union.The harmonic overtone will be transmitted through the galactic grail UnifiedField. It is will also be calibrated in a wave that moves across the planetwith the intention of creating one tone, one field of harmonic resonance andunion. This will happen on June 21st, 2008 at 12 noon.On this day of the Summer Solstice, this tone will be transmitted throughthe Unified Field and to the superconsciousness of all six billion humans onthe planet. This will indeed create a wave form that will help acceleratethe space/time continuum of Earth.*Children of the Sun will unite on the Planetary Crystalline Grid withthousands of people **from around the world to receive and transmit this Great Central Sunovertone and New Earth harmonic of love and union.

NEW! Soul Connection has a new website to accomodate more details on our Sacred Journeys with lots of wonderful photos from past journeys to the Big Island of Hawaii. Allow your dreams to become areality and join us on the Island of Fire and Ice in 2009.

Keep watching the new site for information of the addition of our Sacred Journey to Sedona Arizona in November 2008.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Professionalism in Practice
Because Reiki is one of the fastest growing methods of hands on healing in the world today, it is very important to address the subject of Professionalism in Practice. There are many other systems and new methods of energy healing are being created as I speak, but lately find Reiki is the one that everything else is being held in comparison to. Is it like Reiki? Is it better than Reiki?
When I first started my Practice in 1999, people seemed to hold everything in comparison to Therapeutic Touch because it was the only energy healing modality people knew about and it was the first energy healing modality that had been accepted by nurses and was being offered in some hospital settings. Reiki has grown exponentially since 1999 because of it is effective for treating a wide range of illnesses, it can be used to treat yourself and it is very easy to learn.
Because Reiki is so accessible it cannot be controlled and this is a good thing. The CRA ( Canadian Reiki Associtation) has done a great job at creating professional standards and a professional association that gives all members accountability and credibility. It is also important that we create that professionalism and credibility within our own practices. When we do this ourselves and encourage our students and other Reiki Professionals in the same way we create credibility for all of us.
Speak well of other practitioners, no matter what method they are using. All modalities have been created to help people. Truth is found in the effectiveness of the method. Certain things work better than others depending on the practitioner’s ability and the client’s needs at the time. If you do not have anything good to say, then say nothing. Use your energy to offer assistance. We need to support each other so that we may all succeed. By putting down another person’s practice or method we are creating negativity around all Reiki Practitioners. After all we are energy workers and know the Karma created when we stand back and hope another person will fail. Even if you are not congruent with what another person is doing it is more important that you lead by example and not try to discredit them or their Practice. If they are a CRA Member and not abiding by the Code of Ethics or CRA standards then it is your duty to report them and let the CRA handle it. If they are not a CRA member and are doing something illegal you can always contact the police or encourage the person who has the complaint to contact the police, but do it quietly and do not gossip. When you gossip, this is a form of physic attack on another individual and this kind of energy is both detrimental to you and the person you are speaking about…. Not to mention the negative effects it has on the whole Reiki Profession. It is important to be mindful and rather than criticize, offer assistance, if the practitioner does not want your assistance and no laws have been broken, then leave it alone.
Succeeding in Practice
We have all had to start somewhere and if you are not able to quit your job in order to fully immerse yourself in your dream of a full time Reiki Practice. Then make sure you are not sending out the message that this is not your real job. If you work Monday to Friday and have decided to start an evening and/or weekend practice to see how it will go then regard that as a Professional Practice. When someone calls you and wants to book and appointment for Tuesday afternoon you don’t say, “ I work Monday to Friday, so I can’t see you.“, You say, “ I don’t have an opening on Tuesday, but I have some openings on Saturday. Would that work for you?” you have told the truth, they don’t need to know about your personal schedule, their interest is in booking an appointment for themselves. It also sounds as if your practice is thriving and with that energy created it will be no time before that is a reality… provided that is what you wish to happen. If you want to keep your practice part time, it is still more professional to let the client know when you can see them rather than when you cannot.
I am always amazed when a practitioner is completive with other Reiki Professionals. Do they fear that there are not enough clients to go around? And what a wonderful world that would be if there was no one in need of healing! Doctors never hold this fear or compete with other doctors, they support and refer, so that the general public will have access and to a medical system that they can trust. We need to create this trust within the practice of Reiki.
“A good healer is not the one who makes claims to be able to heal others, but the one who constantly works hard to heal herself.”
I have often noticed that people who complain that they cannot earn a living with the Practice of Reiki are the same people who are not willing to pay another professional to assist them in their own personal healing. They are operating from a place of lack and on some level are not willing to invest in themselves. If you see no value in paying another person for healing services and are not willing to spend it on yourself, then through the Law of attraction you will not be holding the energy that healing treatments do not have value. Look at how you spend your money. If you are able to order a pizza, rent that Friday night video and stop in at Starbucks on a regular basis, get your hair done, but you will not spend any of your hard earned cash on personal healing then you might want to examine your priorities. As responsible practitioners we need to do our own personal healing and support others who are doing the work we wish to be doing. These are the beginning steps of creating a network of professionals who can help you and your clients when you need to refer someone to a practitioner whose services you have used and who you can recommend.
If you are going away on vacation or cannot see a client for any other reason then you should know someone that you respect to refer your clients to. If we try to control or keep clients from going to other practitioners they will likely find someone else on their own anyway, but that won’t leave them with a good feeling about you. You also use the CRA directory to help your clients find another practitioner. You can refer with confidence even if you don’t know the practitioner personally because all CRA members have already gone through a screening process and have agreed to practice by a certain code of ethics and standards.
As Professionals it is a good idea to have a network of other practitioners that we can refer clients to. We must always remember that our goal is not keep clients, but to see them empowered and making constant progress. If this is not happening in the work you are doing them perhaps it is time to refer to someone else. If a client leaves you because they are getting better then that is great for the whole profession. They will tell people about it and more and more people will be looking for Reiki Practitioners. If they leave because they are not getting any results then there may be something in the way that a physiotherapist or Naturopathic Doctor could help them with. Remember other therapies complement what we do including medical intervention and everything helps to ensure a successful outcome. Only offer advice in the modalities your are qualified in and send people on to another professional when you are sensing they need something else. In the end they will thank you for it and speak well of the professional way they have been treated. They will also be more likely to return for preventative, relaxation sessions once they are well again.
Be sure that you business cards, brochures and advertising send out a clear message of exactly what it is you do. Practitioners sometimes feel that if they have a long list of modalities they will attract more clients. But the truth is that this will often confuse the client and send a message that you are not particularly grounded nor have mastered any particular healing method. Make it clear that you are Reiki Professional and do not undermine the effectiveness of Reiki by having a business card that is so full of other modalities that the client is not sure of what you do or what they will receive when they come to you.
If you book a Reiki appointment with a client and are qualified in practicing other healing methods aside from Reiki , be sure to let the client know when you are introducing something other than Reiki. Be sure that you have your clients permission first and that they understand what you are doing.
Professionalism is the way you conduct your business.
Having a CRA designation insures the client that you operate by a standard and code of ethics so having that professional designation on your business card is of value to both you and the client.
Have professional promotional material printed that does not look home made. At minimum a professional practitioner needs to have a business card and a brochure that explains what they do in more depth. If you are intent on creating a thriving practice that attracts the kind of clients you would like to be helping, then Reiki your promotional material with that intention. Have a clear vision of what it is you would like to create and do not worry about the how, just allow the wisdom of Reiki to assist in manifesting it for you. Hold your hands over your printed material while envisioning the light of Reiki permeating it with your intention. Each time someone picks up your material they will receive a blessing of Reiki.
More people go to the internet in search of holistic modalities than any other source. So having a good website is an investment that will help you grow and prosper. Be sure to maintain it with regular updates and be responsive to emails, otherwise you are losing the effectiveness of having this tool. Be careful of free website offers because often they will put ads on your site that might not be congruent with what you are trying to convey. Having a website is energy work don’t allow the energy to become stale and outdated, be sure the graphics and information conveys a clear message of who you are and what you are offering. Prospective clients are most interested in what you can do for them and not necessarily a long list of credentials. Be careful not to make any false claims.
Have a designated phone line that only you answer or a cell phone that you conduct your business with. That way you avoid the phone being answered in and unprofessional manner or a family member taking messages and not passing them on to you. Be responsive to phone messages and return calls promptly. If you are going of away for a period of time be sure to have someone you trust respond to your messages when you cannot. That way they can schedule appointments for you when you return and you won’t miss out on any business.
Have a private space that will not be disrupted during the clients visit. If this is not possible within the setting of your own home then consider sharing an office space with another practitioner until you are ready to rent an office full time. Be sure that your office is restful, clean and clear both physically and energetically. Provide a nurturing and tranquil setting for your clients. If you are unsure of how to do this you might want to consider hiring someone who experienced Fung Shui or with creating sacred spaces. You could also ask another practitioner who has a lovely healing space to give you some direction. A general rule would be to keep it simple and place only objects which are of significance in your healing space.
Dress appropriately in a professional manner. Do not appear at the door in bedroom slippers and tack suit. Be clean, neat and do not wear perfume, after shave or heavy scents. There is no bigger deterrent to a successful Reiki Practice than a practitioner who smells of cigarette smoke. When your client is in a relaxed state they will be more sensitive to unhealthy scents, pet odours, cooking odours and loud intrusive noises. The successful and considerate practitioner will provide a space that will not subject the client to anything that could interfere with the healing session.
Provide proper receipts for all your clients. Keep records of expenses and payments. Keep an accurate record of all your treatments. This way you can quickly refer to your notes before the client arrives for their next appointment and keep track of their progress. Have a privacy policy and be sure to keep all records confidential. Invest in a shredder for any old documents you may need to dispose of. Never throw anything in the garbage that has anyone’s personal information on it without shredding it first.
I hope that these ideas will assist you in creating a productive and successful Reiki practice. If you would like to experience more constructive ideas and helpful exercises for creating the Reiki Practice you are dreaming about be sure to attend the CRA annual general meeting in May.
Barbara McKell RT CRA